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Get your business THE MOST EFFECTIVE Exposure and Engagement possible by having it on 3 dynamic platforms simultaneously. 

The new reality for business will be an ever evolving combination of In-Person, Virtual Event and Social Media interaction.
BizComm360 integrates all 3 of these components seamlessly for maximizing results in this new business era.

People can engage wherever they choose and the items all drive traffic and cross-promote each other. 

The Platform Consists of:

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Expo Floor Plan.png
1) A 24/7 Virtual Expo with Interactive Floorplan, Exhibition Hall, Personal Vendor Booths and an Auditorium for Seminars, Workshops and Presentations.

Virtual Exhibition Hall
Interactive Floor Plan
Personalized Expo Booth
Virtual Auditorium
  • Great Exposure for your Company in the Exhibit Halls

  • Give Seminars, Workshops and Webinars in the Virtual Auditorium

  • Top-notch Digital Marketing Firms will Drive Traffic to the sites.

  • Special Expo Events that will be Heavily Promoted.

  • Network and Collaborate with other Virtual Expo Members.

BizComm360 Members Receive:
  • Virtual Booth with 24/7 Engagement.

  • Access to Virtual Auditorium for Presentations.

  • Cross-Promotions with other Members.

  • Special Event Access and Exposure. 

2) Unprecedented Social Media Exposure with the Long Island's #1 Facebook Business Group for engagement, Long Island Business and Community. 

LIBC FB Cover.png
With over 6,500 Members L.I.B.C. is not the largest Facebook Business group on the Island. It is however #1 when it comes to interactions and conversions, the two items that count the most. 
BizComm360 Members Receive:
  • Gold Sponsorship for the Group

  • Exclusive Posting Days.

  • Free Listing in Group Directory.

  • Special Posting Privileges. 

3. Fun and Interactive Live Events. From small personalized Networking Happy Hours to large scale business events in conjunction with some of the largest organizations on the Island, BizComm360 will get you all the In-Person engagement you want to make connections to grow your business.

BizComm360 Members Receive:
  • VIP Access to Events

  • Event Sponsorship Opportunities

  • Exposure with Event Announcements 

Premium Package Summary:

  • Virtual Expo Booth with 24/7 Exposure

  • Special Event Virtual Booth 

  • Expo Floorplan Listing

  • Complimentary Virtual Auditorium Access

  • Gold Sponsorship Business & Community Facebook group.

  • Live Event Publicity

Pre-Launch Special:

$100 Deposit gets you 1st Month's PREMIUM PACKAGE membership and 5 additional months at only $50 per month.
(normal price $95.00 per month.)

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**$100 Deposit payment guarantees 1 Mo. of Premium Package Membership when site launches and 5 additional months at the $100 rate should you choose to continue. No penalty for cancelling after the 1st mo. 

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